How Did You Get Started Making Art?

Like any other Artist, I started as a Kid raised up and supported by Parents then sent to an art school where I studied for at least a decade because I’m a working student.  

How/what was your experience in the real art world if any?

IRL, I’m an exhibiting painter on local galleries here in PH.
I sell art prints online, Digital Nomad or Online Freelancer on Upwork.

“Spiritual Grit”

How did you learn about NFT/CryptoArt?

Sushinobi introduced NFTs to me, at first I was really doubtful because it’s too good to be true. He asked if we could do a collaboration, then I said yes I have so many art pieces lying around.

Then I told him that if we could donate the money to the recent Typhoon victims here in PH and he is ok with it.

“We were able to raise 44,000Php and send it to a major Organization that has the logistical manpower to send help to the victims.”

44,000Php is ~$900 USD!

How did you decide which NFT Art platform to sell on?

Selling is not my priority on doing NFT, my primary objective is to make a digital certificate for Authentication of my art pieces.

For years I’ve been looking for a way to certify my Digital and traditional works, here in the Philippines you need to go to a Notary to do that with the help of the gallery.

It is a hassle since the majority of the galleries here do not accept Digital works for exhibition.  – If a work of mine got sold it’s a plus so I don’t stress too much if a work sells or not. 

What’s our inspiration behind your NFT/CryptoArt?

At the moment, most of the art I made was done before I knew about NFTs. So most of my work is an exploration of spiritual realities.

The images I minted were the works I made during the lockdown. So they are inspired by the things I went through, my fears, my hope, my dreams, and just me being honest to what I feel and experience.

“Especially when my Family got hit by the Virus, I poured out everything that I had to vent out the things I need to say through my art.”

Was it different to your traditional art works?

They are part of the blockchain.

My traditional works are mostly mixed media and sort of sculptural in nature although it is 2d you can view it in other direction because of the overlaid metallic drawing.

The way the light reflects, here is an example,

Biggest challenge going to NFT Art from Traditional Art?

I’m fascinated by lines and how it connects to different points, in a way I’m trying to connect the seemingly unconnected images. 
The accounts, so many wallets, are the errors/bugs of Fortmatic. I’m one of the pioneers of online freelancing here in the Philippines and I know a thing or two in creating accounts but here in NFT is really different.

You need to enter your password every time you want to view your account which is ok and it feels very safe. It’s really intimidating to start because you really need to have this knowledge on how to navigate the internet. 

Biggest challenge going to NFT Art from Traditional Art?

Recently I’ve been thinking of ways how I can maximize this technology so yeah in terms of my art making traditionally it is very disruptive.

Now I can incorporate tech to my works.

Quality vs Quantity?

Both, Having a great work and an online presence works a lot in terms of marketing.

Creating minor and cheap works gives your name a bit of a chance for people to know you since I don’t have a massive following. I would like to give as many people the chance to own my works because those works that I did are my testimonies and the testimonies of people I met. I also make sure that quality is the main focus of each work, nowadays it is possible since you can make multiple variations because of the digital media. 

“Healing In Solitude”

How important is self promotion/networking or other aspects of success apart from perfecting your art? How did you spark the interest of your initial collectors?

It was Sushinobi told me to have a twitter account, at first I was hesitant thinking that twitter people are always angry.

Marketing on twitter helps a lot in so many ways, engaging the audience and knowing the latest trend and issues. Twitter is a really different space than facebook and other platforms I’ve been to.

So yeah self promotion/networking really helps, the collectors found me and my works through retweets and comments. I was able to sell out an artwork after I posted it on twitter. A really different world compared to having an exhibition in a traditional gallery where you physically mingle and socialize to get your name out there. 

How do you price your art and what have you found works well?

I price them roughly based on my traditional art price. 

How regularly do you tokenize new art, how many editions do you release and what do you think works well?

I’m still working this out, thinking of a strategy of release since I’m new to this I need to consider the gas price. However I’m planning on having a massive drop of some sort a year end online art exhibit.

What has contributed most to your success?

New online friends and learning to be vulnerable and honest.

Biggest learnings?

How block chain works and how it can help artists like me find an audience.

Tips for new Artists?

Be honest.  

What would you like to see more of in the NFT Art/crypto space?

– Full movie production, a decentralized movie I wonder how it will look like.

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