An Interview with Mike Parisella, (Slimesunday)

Sales Summary

Nifty Gateway: ssl3lau $107,000 USD
SuperRare: 18.4 ETH
MakersPlace: 8 ETH
Nifty Gateway: ssl3lau $21,000 USD
MakersPlace: ssl3lau 70ETH
SuperRare: ssl3lau 22 ETH

(ssl3lau: Slime Sunday & Justin Blau Collaboration)

How did you get started making Art?

Ive really just been drawn to it for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing lots of music and started messing around with music software in high school. I was fascinated with the idea that computers could be used as an interface for art.

Around that time, I just started learning as much software as I possibly could and tried to find ways to create things on my computer.

“Once I started gaining popularity on social media and commission work started to come in, I dropped my previous plans and focused on building my art career.”

What’s your inspiration/drive?

Im driven to get better everyday and i’m inspired by all the great creators around me. Seeing someone do something better than me has always pushed me to become better.

Ive had tons of influences over the years but i find a lot of inspiration in old magazines, books, and archives.

How did you learn about Crypto Art?

I was introduced to NFTs by Justin Blau(3LAU). He’s been involved in the crypto space for years and introduced me to NFTs around the time COVID hit. COVID killed his touring schedule and I was struggling to get commissions. We have always worked extremely well together and have developed a great friendship.

We decided to team up to create an audio visual experience. SSX3LAU just started out as an idea in august and has turned into something far larger than I could have ever imagined. This space is truly amazing and i’m beyond stoked to be a part of it.

What’s your inspiration/theme behind your Crypto Art? Was it different to your traditional art works?

In regards to NFTs I work in two styles, SSX3LAU is its own entity and Justin and I decided to pursue a very specific art direction for the audio-visuals. We work with Cinema 4D, touchdesigner, and adobe after effects. Slimesunday, on the other-hand, was built entirely on collage.

For any slimesunday releases I hunt down old magazines from the 70s and 80s, scan them onto my computer, and chop them up in various ways in photoshop. I believe as an artist, you should never limit yourself to one style of art. It’s always beneficial to explore multiple styles and learn as much as you possibly can.

How has Crypto Art success effected your creative output? Quality vs Quantity?

For about four years I was putting out artwork everyday, within the last 3 years I cut it down to roughly 1 or 2 artworks a week, and now I release even less. I spend hundreds of hours on SSX3LAU content and tons of time dissecting old magazines and developing content for slimesunday.

Over the years, I’ve become much more selective and detail oriented. I’m much more of a quality over quantity type of person and this switch happened long before I entered the NFT space. The only thing thats changed is that I’m focusing more on SSX3LAU than slimesunday.

How do you price your art and why?

For SSX3LAU artwork, we release the artwork on a higher tier. You are getting years of experience from two well established artists. I spend hundreds of hours creating the animations and Justin spends just as much time developing the music. It’s important that this art remains exclusive just because of the years of experience and amount of time we spend on it.

Slimesunday releases are all image based and aside from my release on Nifty Gateway , so far I have only released pre-existing artwork. If I do an exclusive release in the future I will aim to release at a higher price point.

What has contributed most to your success?

Persistent creating.

“There hasn’t been a day that has gone by in the past 10 years where art wasn’t involved.”

I spend time working on art everyday and I can honestly state that I spend 6-10 hours a day creating. If I’m not creating I’m thinking about what i’m going to make next or stressing out about how shitty the last thing I made was.

Biggest learnings?

It took me years to realize that my best works only come around every once in a while. I put immense pressure on myself to create something better or crazier each time.

If i didn’t come up with something good enough I would convince myself that I had lost my creativity. I’ve learned to let this go and this is something that occurred only recently.

Tips for new Artists?

Focus on developing a style you haven’t seen before , something that is unique to you. At the beginning I emulated a lot of my favorite artists (which is great for learning) but as you grow as an artist always ask yourself what you can do differently.

“Don’t expect to be an artist overnight. Creating art takes years of development. I still have much to learn”

Quality over quantity. Create something everyday, develop your skills, but only release the works you are truly proud of.

What would you like to see more of in the Crypto Art space?

There are so many artists coming in at an extremely fast rate and we need a larger collector base to balance that out. Personally, if I could convince my audience to stop buying my prints and only buy NFTs I would. I suck at explaining shit and hyping things up to people so If you’re reading this and are knowledgable in the space I’m down to go live on my IG feed, maybe we can convince some more collectors to hop in.

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