Tell me about yourself and your Art style?

I’m a 21 year old artist from Canada. I use a distinctive style of calligraphy and or abstraction to spread messages of peace, unity and to express the oneness of man and nature. I aim to bring together many cultures and diverse ideas to point towards a unifying factor, and reframe the conventional.

How did you get started making Art?

I’ve always been passionate for art as a young kid, however I first made my art public at 11 years old. I would make custom artwork/avatars on an online shop, and would get all my audience from making gaming videos on YouTube. I had many years in between taking career paths that ended up proving to not be for me. I looked deeper in myself at 18 years old, and decided to turn this life long passion into a career. I picked up a paintbrush and made my first painting on canvas back in October 2018, and have been painting since.

What’s your inspiration behind your Art?

Inspiration ranges from the people around me, to the nature that we see in the world. Being born with the internet in 2000, I grew up exploring a lot about the nature of how we interact and connect with different things or people. With a widespread of ideas everywhere around the world, it’s never been easier to connect with others. I believe the most beautiful way to spread an idea is through art – and try to bring to surface things that we may forget, truths that are buried in all the stimulation around us, and the feelings that we are desensitized to.

How did you learn about NFT/CryptoArt?

I learned about CryptoArt through my brother, AKA MetaDreamer who is a part of the MetaFactory team ( – “We want to make people’s ideas come true by crafting them into all possible realities always with fun as the core motivation.” Being around this group of talented and ambitious individuals really allowed me explore further of the possibilities art has going into the future. My first CryptoArt piece was with MetaFactory, where I custom-painted a PS5 for auction. It was an electrifying experience to say the least – truly inspired and grateful to be able to be a part of this CryptoArt wave. I was also inspired by seeing other Crypto artists such as Beeple, Trevor Jones and others.

Biggest challenge going to NFT Digital Art from Traditional Art?

I guess being so used to making the physical pieces – adjusting to fully digital work is a bit of a challenge as far as the intuitive part of it. However – I am told to believe that creating digital artwork actually become far MORE intuitive if you use the right tools. So far I’ve dived into creating DigiPhysical art – going fully into digital is an endeavour I am planning for in the near future.

What are your thought process on creating your latest piece of Art? and build up to your first ever Digital Art drop.

I wanted to create something new – different. One of its kind. With all the love and hype around the new PlayStation 5, the MetaFactory team and I felt it was the perfect time to create one of the world’s first fine art PS5’s. To our surprise – it was also the first ever video game console sold with an NFT.

Did you imagine your art piece going for the price did it at Auction? What was your first reaction and who did tell first?

I did not imagine it at all! It was truly beyond words can describe. Seeing it jump from $1,750 to $20,000 in just 10 minutes was mind-blowing to say the very least! During the last minutes of the auction I was speaking with the MetaFactory co-founders and soon as the timer hit zero it was a time for celebration. I shared this joy with my family right after, and it is truly amazing to see the potential the CryptoArt world has.

How important is self promotion/networking or other aspects of success apart from perfecting your art.

I feel it is almost JUST as important as perfecting your craft. Connecting with the right people, could be the difference whether your message is heard or not. If you have a message for the world, it’s never been easier to reach out. Although I believe people put too much emphasis on the numbers, I feel it’s more important reaching the RIGHT community of people, that you can connect and grow with.

What has contributed most to your success?

All praise to the Most High, I believe having the friends and family around me that support and believe in me is what has contributed to my success. Although this is just the beginning, I am grateful for the people I have around me 🙂

Biggest learnings so far, and whats yet to be learnt?

Don’t judge yourself before others, because there’s a lot more in common in a lot of us that we think.


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